Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Reflections: Letting Go

Tonight I am down 2 children out of 4. Declan and Ethan are sleeping out tonight at two different venues. Though 8 and 7 respectively and very independant, confident boys - its hard to let go. Its hard because I know that no two sets of parents have the same set of values. There is always the fear of what they might be exposed to. None of us are truly who we present to the world and each person hides who they are to some degree. As a mother your hope is always that the things you don't know about a person are things like that they don't like noise, or that they wear funny PJ's. You hope they value age restrictions on movies and games, routine, that their language is appropriate and all rest of the values that we hold dear to our heart.

But again we have to lay our children before God - and trust Him to lead us. This small event made me wonder how I would cope when my children are teenagers one day, never mind adults. As they get older we have to let go little by little, otherwise we could smother them. Especially with boys, they need to learn about independance and strength.