Thursday, October 28, 2010

Out and About: International Kite Festival

We spent weeks planning our visit to the International  Kite Festival.  With boys in the family that love anything that flies, this was the event of the season.  As we came over Boyes drive from Kalk Bay this is what we saw, you can imagine how excited the boys were to get out the car at this point. 

It took us a good 20 minutes to find parking and after a rather inebriated car guard welcomed us to the festival we headed off to see the kites up close.

 This scuba diver was frighteningly real.  His legs and arms were moving as though he were swimming towards us and I kept imagining someone looking at me through his goggles.

These dragons were definitely one of my favourites, though something about the pink one just jarred at my colour senses but they reminded me so much of the little dragon in Mulan.  They were so big you felt like they
might swoop down at you and have you for lunch.

 This reminded me so much of Empangeni. This is about the only place you see gecko's in theWestern Cape.  Definitely not something I miss - though they are so good with getting rid of pesky mosquito's they really are not the greatest when it comes to finding a toilet.

We all spent loads of time staring up at the sky, our necks were all a little tender the next day:)
 Of course there's always some time for a quick cuddle too.  There's always time for that.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Out and About: Kalky's in Kalk Bay

After a slow start this morning with Declan being in bed not feeling well, I ran around the house cleaning all in preparation for my folks coming for a visit with some family friends from Jeffrey's bay.  After lots of hugs and kisses, gifts of oranges and grapefruit all the way from The Bay, we headed down to our favourite fish and chip shop.

Kalky's is such a worthwhile excursion on weekends, live local band playing and loads of visitors coming for a taste of the sea.  The cue is always long but after you order 5 minutes later there's a waitress shouting your number through the restaurant (maybe I should mention that this is not the type of place you want to go to for a quiet romantic dinner - its loud, its local and its busy).  Well with our motley crew, the food was down the hatch within minutes and then we were off to cast a line, watch the seals and watch the fishermen offloading their catch.

Of course once the folks headed off home, we headed off for a nap- with the youngest sleeping, the 3 boys watching some Odyssey dvd's that a friend lent us, we were able to make the most of it.  As the Afrikaans saying goes - "magie vol, ogies toe" (when your tummy is full, your eyes close).

With so many special moments, thought I would just post a few of the photos which made today so special.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Out and About: Cape Town Airport

Our Grant hero returned today after being away for a week.  We arrived at the airport a little early and the children quickly found something to keep themselves entertained...

And he didn't arrive empty handed either, smarties for the kids and the most beautiful flowers for me
With Sean being back we had a day of fun and sun.  We spent the day at the beach, though the wind was blustering some, we were not deterred and each of the kids found something to do!  

Ruthie made some friends, ate some sand, blew a vuvuzela and collected lots of shells with her dad.
The boys got busy with their own activities - Chad started digging a hole to China, Declan joined a group of university students with a game of soccer, and Ethan went fishing off the rocks.

Of course while the boys were busy, I spent some time finding my own treasure:)
After the boys spent the rest of their afternoon swimming in the icy water, we headed off home for an evening of dessert in a cup, cup of coffee and a movie.  Such a good family day!