Sunday, April 3, 2011

Out and About: Navy Birthday Bash Simon's Town

Spent the day at the Navy Dockyard in Simon's Town for their annual 3 day Birthday bash - only took us about 30 minutes to find parking and then when we did I wish we had seen the spot first.  Though a little off the beaten track, it was quiet and there was direct access to the event.  With all the children in tow we arrived to find the dock a hive of activity.  We spent the afternoon climbing on warships, watching divers in tanks and watching them pour water in the dry dock.  Definitely a good excursion for the family but especially for the boys, they loved all the missiles, guns (I am sure there was some technical word for this but it evades me at the moment) and all the men in their uniforms telling them about war!

The roar of the water was amazing, I've never seen a dry dock being filled before.
 Notice the mouths hanging open in amazement.

This is the warship we boarded and were given a guided tour that must have lasted about an hour.  

The boys were totally enthralled with the divers.  It was so funny to watch them looking at each other:) I am not sure who was more facinated though?

Waiting ... waiting ... waiting...

And then some more waiting....

 Of course our little princess in shades was so NOT impressed with all the metal and machinery but she pivoted and pranced in her glasses, smiling at strangers and enjoying all the attention she was getting.

Daddy's little girl!

There were the most amazing air force antics that had me craning my neck in all sorts of odd angles - lovely!
  I could have stayed there the whole day! We will definitely diarise this event next year!  There was so much happening it was difficult to choose!

And as usual there was a little time for mom and dad to walk around holding hands and acting like teenagers!

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