Friday, April 1, 2011

Gold Nugget Links #1

As usual I found some good links this week.  I struggled to keep the list short as I spend hours researching so many things but here's the list.  Enjoy!
Gardening: Recycling and Container Gardening
Thanks to Se7en I found this one at
Re-nest abundant designs for green homes  about gardening combined with recycling. I love the old guitar and the gutters filled with veges. We have a very small garden and substantial cement veranda, but with this we could add more garden with hardly any extra space and of course the added benefit of homegrown, organic veggies! Who could say no?  We bought the compost and soil today and will let you know how we go but we'll keep that for another day.

I am also simply loving  Their article 66 Things You Can Grown at Home:  In Containers, Without a Garden  in fact once I got there, I spent close to an hour reading all the different links and more. So many projects I would love to do. 
Blogs : Decorating your blog
I am no web fundi but I love playing around with web stuff and I spend endless hours just researching and reading things on the web. I found this lovely site The Cutest Blog on the Block  which allows you to revamp your blog (dare I say for free!) and it means you can update your site frequently if you want to match the season. Mine might be a little early but decided to prepare my blog for the Easter season using her templates.And if you feel that their selection is limited, why not try Shabby Blogs.
Homeschooling:  Free Downloads Every Day
This one is for homeschooling moms The title of this one says it all. If you give them your email address they will send you an email every Sunday to tell you what down loadable resources will be available for free for download. The trick though is that it is only available for one day. If you try and download the next day – it don’t work! I have already downloaded some great books and worksheets. Occasionally they even include some audio books or short stories which the children love.

Reaching Out:  iKhaya LikaBaba - The Father's House
As many of you know, Sean and I are passionate about helping orphans.  In fact we are currently working on a site to to do just that.  However some of you may or may not know that we started up a babies' home in Empangeni, KwaZulu Natal about 3 years ago.  Though we handed it over to a new coordinator and a wonderful management committee, we still support the work done there.  We have seen amazing things happen there and children been saved and adopted.  If you are looking to support a charity, why not support them?  They are a registered non profit organisation,  a public beneficiary organisation (which means for those in the know - that there are tax benefits for supporting them) and orphanage.  Find out more about who there are here.  They do also have a facebook group and a blog with all their latest updates.

 If you would like to submit a link, write it in the comment box and I will pick it up (an of course if you would like to add a giveaway or discount, it always helps:).  Bearing in mind the content of this blog and its readers, I will only link to those sites that I consider to be appropriate.

Adopted for Life: The Priority of Adoption for Christian Families & Churches

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