Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas on a Budget: Christmas Gifts Part 2

These are great for families.  When you buy a gift for the whole family it also reduces the cost of trying to buy individual gift. These can usually be packed in a recycled shoe box which you could get at most shoe stores if you haven't got any at home.
 Movie Box
Popcorn, Chocolate, Crisps and a DVD voucher 
Ice-Cream Gift Box
Cones, Sprinkles, M&M's/ Smarties, 100's and 1000's individual wrapped
( I know this one has been doing the rounds - I don't know where it originated from -  but don't let that stop you )
Garden Lovers Gift Box
Use seeds that you have collected out of vegetables you have cooked with.  Tomato, Green pepper, Beans, Sunflower Seeds, Chillies.  Wrap them individually in homemade envelopes. You can even use a magazine picture on the outside.  A seedling tray (recycled egg box tray), a small bag of soil or compost (from your garden) and some lolly sticks with the names of the vegetables you have planted.  And if you are a crafty person you could even sew some gloves from some scrap material at home.  Any person who loves gardening will love this!

These can be bought at a second hand store or from one of your cheaper outlet stores.  The more obscure the shape the better. 
Fill the mug with:
* fudge
* chocolate
*  a little bag of special tea, coffee and sugar
* teddy bear
* plant (which you can get from a cutting)

Second hand stores often sell scrabble because the previous owners have lost pieces (and then its really dirt cheap because no one can really use them then. . You can make so many things with scrabble - magnetic scrabble for the fridge, scrabble decorations for the tree and even scrabble coasters.

I remember the one year where one of my boys got lots of little toys for his birthday but I added an extra large slab (the double size) as part of his gift pack.  To say that all the other gifts faded to obscurity would be an understatement!  He was so thrilled that he had this chocolate all to himself and he wasn't even interested in the rest!
If you have a post on how you keep to a budget over Christmas time, why not pop me an email and I would love to host your article as a guest post. 
Otherwise as always, leave a comment. What are you doing to keep Christmas simple?


  1. Mel xxx You are AMAZING !!

    THANKS sooo much for these CHRISTmas prezzie ideas!! LOVE them and now loaded with this info, shal embark xx

    Bless you sweet girl and give all those okes, and girl and hug from us all xx
    Love the Roos Fandango xx

  2. I love the scrabble ideas! For a birthday I spelled out all the words that highlighted the year then took a picture of it and made it into a card. But these are much better.

  3. For the couples in our family this year we are getting a gift certificate for a dinner out and also watching the kids while they go to that dinner. It's not always easy to get away, so they can go away on us :) It also saves from buying junk for the hard to buy people just to have a gift. I hate wasting money on gifts just to have them...hopefully, this will be better on us all :)


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