Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas on a Budget: Nativity Scene

I have always wanted to do a Christmas nativity scene with my children but to buy them is normally very expensive.  I wasn't really inclined to do it in clay, to make clothes and all the rest. Yes, call me lazy - I confess!
  But then I found a lovely printable nativity scene.  What really works is to print it off in colour cardboard.  Especially for the younger ones.  There are a lot of little characters and the colouring in does take a long time.  This way if they can't finish, they can still have something really bright and colourful.

 And of course with 3 fairly competitive children there was no way that only one would be chosen so we have 3 nativity plays! And they are beautiful.  A bit of tumbleweed and the same stars we made with our magazine christmas trees.

To print this nativity scene, follow this link.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Oh thank you so much for sharing. I was looking everywhere for something like this. Couldn't find anything that could stand by itself, except a toiletroll Mary. We will definately make this soon.

  2. I know exactly how you feel. When I saw this my thoughts were "finally!"

  3. Thats lovely, bright, colourful and joyful, the way it should be ;-) and I love the tumble weeds!!

  4. I made these last year with my two boys, but that means I make it, they just play with it, or look and that's it. But I used the side view of a cow and donkey to make felt cut-outs, and used it on a cloth nativity scene that I hang up every year. That they like!

    Elize vd Merwe

  5. I like the idea of felt! Those are always winner and if you make the outfits in parts they can double up as other characters when you are doing Bible stories.

  6. Brilliant! Very colourful... Just the thing to do. That is if I can get my kids out of the garden and sun long enough...


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