Friday, December 16, 2011

Winners of the Reading Eggs Giveaway

So its Friday and that means it's time to announce our winners of the Reading Eggs Giveaway.

And the winners are:

Michelle and her comment was......
Hi, we are a home educating family. My son is 12 and my daughter 9yrs old. She loves reading and will read anything that grabs her attention. At this stage she loves anything about horses. My son on the other hand, detests reading for some or other bizarre reason as he grew up with lots of stories and books. He just does the necessary for his English program and reads his Bible for Afrikaans and sometimes he'll page through a book on Star Wars or something similar. I'd love to get him motivated to read some more. One of our favorite activities is family reading. The books we've really enjoyed reading together are Roald Dahl's books-I'm sure we have read most of them!; the whole Narnia series and Frances Hodgen Burnett's A little Princess and The Secret Garden....all but to name a few. A mouthful comment...! 


Carla and her comment was......
Wow, what a wonderful prize. A great means to distract a little one into a love for reading whilst completing maths with another! I love all your ideas...thanks! My kids both love Dr Seuss and never tire of reciting whilst I read...great for a laugh after a tough day. Luke, 7, loves books on vikings, Romans and knights, ancient armour etc...we currently have about 7!! Zach loves poetry and humour....most of the Sonlight books are a hit so far 

Well done ladies, I am sure you will really enjoy have a year's subscription to Reading Eggs. Please contact me with your email address so that I can send you the details of your subscription.

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  1. I thought I had better log onto your site this evening to check who won. I have been checking my email for notifications since friday.... Just as well!...YAY. What a blessing! I never thought we would win....fantastic!


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