Saturday, December 31, 2011

My successes and failures of 2011

How was your 2011?  For some of you reading this, its already 2012, but in Sunny South Africa, we are still waiting in anticipation.  As always, I like to consider where I have been so that I can look ahead of me and decide where I am going and how I want to do things differently.  Looking at my successes and failures for the year is always a good place to start.

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Successes for this year:
1. My marriage - you could be asking yourself why?  Maybe you should re-read my post Never Quit.  The fact that our marriage is now sitting on the 12 year mark is a miracle.  No its not 50 yet but I believe marriage is a miracle that only be sustained by the grace and power of God!
 2.  Only one broken bone this entire year - those of you that know my boys, will agree on this. 

3.  Going to China - a dream come true.  Planning another trip this year, this time without all the hard work of volunteering but hopefully just to see more of the people there and meet others who have moved there because of the love they have for this nation.

4.  Homeschooling my children - like marriage, this takes a miracle combined with commitment, a good support group and amazing friends.  I have these and so I am looking forward to a new year of the same.

5. My blog - yes its up and running and I love writing.  I don't feel pressurized to be everything for everyone and I am enjoying the opportunity to minister and mentor others in the roads I have travelled.

6.  My church family - as we moved down from KZN a year and a half ago, we left a very special group of friends in Empangeni which we have been part of for the last 10 year.  But now we are feeling at home in our new family.

7.  Friends - I have fallen in love with the people of the Cape.  I love all the new friends I have, I am blessed to have people in my life who truly have made a remarkable difference to me.

Failures of this year:
1.  Gym - bah humbug, my husband loves my love handles (or at least that's what he tells me even though we went to gym yesterday and are planning to go on NEW YEARS EVE! - have you ever heard of such sad individuals?) 

2.  Weight - to lose it of course! oh yes every year no 1 and no 2 are on the top of my list and they never make it into the successes.  Lord save me from myself please!

3.  Me time - always struggle with this.  One of the challenges of a homeschooling mom and always self inflicted.  I have a choice and I definitely don't always choose the right option.

4.  Finances to travel- I thought I would have saved up enough money by now to travel the world! My dream!  Oh well, will keep praying:)
5.  Putting my husband first - I have to fight this fight everyday. So often by the time Sean has finished work, I am finished.  Need to keep the best of me for him more often.

6.  Mother Matters Webinars- I really enjoyed having our chat sessions but realized that it was premature.  Plus all the technological challenges that go with trying to host a webinar.  I will definitely need to consider television, though I might need to get no 1 and no 2 right first before attempting to go that route, which is unlikely.

So there you have my list of successes and failures of the year.  I would love to know what yours were. Why not leave a comment and tell me what really worked this year - and if you are brave enough - what didn't.

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