Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Winners of the Yummy Sweet Candy Potatoes Giveaway

And so it only took me up to now to realise that I had still not announced the winners of the coupon giveaways! Silly me - so here they are.
Well done to Wendy, Vanessa, Karina and Jenny!  Look out in your post box for those coupons.  

Now you know that I don't review things I don't love.  Often I am the one to approach companies.  They are not knocking down my door, more like the other way around and in fact I prefer it that way because I only go to those I love.

So here's my new love! My sweet love - sweet potato fries.

The only reason I initially picked these up was because they were on special (of course) for a cool R9 which is a real bargain for ready made, ready cut, pop into the oven type of chips.  And with children who LOVE chips - this looked like a healthier option than regular fries.

Ruthie is a real chip girl.  In fact she is so in love with chips (fried, crisps, chips, roast potatoes) that she can barely think straight when they are in the same room. She can hear the rustle of a chip packet within a half a mile radius (that might be a slight exaggeration but then again I have never tested her on this and it wouldn't surprise me if she has chip-supersonic-hearing).

And in fact her obsession with chips has become an issue of much laughter in our house.  We often tell her that her nickname is Nick Nack and that one days she's going to marry a Simba Chippie.  (My South African readers are the only ones who will probably understand this reference.  For my other readers, these are just 2 chip brands in SA).  I digress.

So I tried these chips out and loved them.  Its like eating candy.  They are sweet, crunchy and absolutely delicious!  If your children are not fans of sweet potatoes, you might convert them yet with this variety. 

I find sweet potatoes are normally a lot more expensive than regular potatoes.  So I was really surprised that these were such a good price.  So I don't know about you but this is a sweet deal for a convenience food! 

Of course I wanted to share the goodness and wanted you all to taste them because they're gooooood.    
And because I love these chips, and I love my readers and I know that McCain would love our readers to love them too - we have some coupons for you to buy some of these snacky, candy, sweet potatoes!  

 I will be giving away 12 coupons for a R5 discount on every packet of sweet potato chips you buy.  

4 readers will win 3 coupons each valued at R15!  All you have to do is post a comment and tell me what your favourite type of oven chip is - crinkle cut or straight cut? 

(Remember that if you don't have a blog, leave your email address when you comment, so that I can contact you, otherwise you might not get your prize!)
This giveaway is only available to our South African readers AND you can enter even if you have won one of the Giveaways before.  Its open to anyone whether you live across the ocean or next door.
The Winners will be announced on Friday 2 March 2012.  



  1. We love crinkle cut!!!! (isee ending date is end Jan but Isee you only posted this yesterday, so taking my chances.)

  2. We love crinkle cut too! Have never tried these and would LOVE to!I too am a chip girl of note!!!

  3. Crinkle cut are the best!
    Karina Robert on

  4. i think the kids would love..any shape likes crinkle...

  5. I've been bying these chips since last year and my whole household love them. I sometimes give them a sprinkle of paprika as well. Budget-friendly and healthy.


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