Monday, March 19, 2012

Blog Fast

There may be some of you that would have noticed that I have been absent from my blog for the last 3 weeks.  Shocking I know - how dare I do that to my followers, readers, friends, acquaintances, strangers, dogs, cats and anybody else who I haven't included in that list. 

But I had a question

Why was I doing this?

You may have read my post about how all of this started because I wanted a Kindle.  But then that changed and I just loved just being part of your lives.  

But I did wonder to myself why? 

I often sat up till late at night..... writing, thinking, looking, reading and researching. Who would have thought that blog writing demanded so much time.  But it does. 

So back to the question..... Why?

And while I was considering the answer to this question, I realised that though I love being part of your lives I need to be careful of neglecting mine. Neglecting to sleep and get enough sleep to wake up refreshed.  Making time to read at night or to catch up with my administration.  I found that everything was about stats - what others were writing about - who was reading my articles.  


And you know what?  Though I have had so many thoughts about topics I would like to write, I have loved not working at night, I have loved going to bed early.  I have loved not feeling driven by a self induced external force (not sure if that's possible but basically feeling like I have to write because of everyone who reads my articles)

What I have been doing online is tweeting on Twitter, pinning on Pinterest, faking on Facebook (kidding - but couldn't think of a catchy rhyme) catching up with my friends and trying to catch up with my Mandarin which has been sadly neglected.  

And as for the question of why I am doing this - when you know the answer - please let me know - because I simply love it and cannot think of any other more meaningful reason than that.

I realised that (surprise surprise) the world did not stop turning when I stopped posting
That life is worth more by living, it than writing about it.
None of you will be in any way harmed if I go missing in action now and again.  
Its good to keep perspective, and its good to fast the things that seem to grab a hold of your life.

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  1. I respect your self-restraint. You're actually the second mom this week who has posted on this subject. The other woman found a note written by her teenage daughter complaining about how "mom is always on the computer". She too is taking an indefinite break. I hope I can learn to carefully balance my blog into the rest of my life without giving up or letting go of other things. I hope you do continue writing as I love reading your site. But I respect and trust any decision you make. It is your life after all. And you blog. I am just a happy reader.


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