Friday, April 13, 2012

Mel's Must Have #1 Le Creuset

We all have a wish list.  If it's not Amazon, then it's virtual shopping on Pinterest - you pin it so you feel like you own it.  We all have stuff that we would love to have, especially in those hypothetical situations where we win a million.  Oooh gadgets, clothes - lots of things!  I discover new a new "must have" every time I open a magazine or watch a lifestyle show. And so because I can, and because this is my blog, and because I keep a record of my life and family with this blog and ...... well, just because - I thought I would show you my latest and greatest "Must Have"

Le Creuset
Ooooh even the name sounds luxurious doesn't it?  Kind of rolls off your tongue - mmh. Well this one is all about taste!

These French (had to be with a name like that) cast iron pots are just a delight to the eyes.  Friends say they love them, I drool every time I visit.  It's truly stove art and tea art and serving art.  It just satisfies the desire for pretty things like a pretty dress or a new pair of sexy shoes.  Maybe I am exaggerating but I think I could just sit and watch my pots cook all day with equipment like this.  I wouldn't need any other entertainment (sad I know but since we disconnected the telly, I don't have much to watch these days anyway!)

Just look at these

 And doesn't food just look magnificent.  It makes the simplest meal look like a gourmet meal.

This coffee lover could just imagine the beautiful water that would come out of these babies!

Hold me back, I would drink even more coffee and that would really be dangerous!

And don't think that they just do pots, they do all sorts of other accessories too.  All those beautiful things you want to put in your kitchen, the type of a decor that will make people go "wow"!   So look at this brief glimpse of these amazing products.  And there is just so much more......

Butter dishes


 Aren't these absolutely delightful ?- for that special event.

 And if you are wanting something in rose (yes there are some of us that are still very girly and still love the colour pink - don't mock us!) ..... and purple ...... and did I mention that lovely green!

And there's even a product and colour selector on their site which just could keep me busy all day - choosing which colour and which item - oh well seeing as I can't decide, I think I will just put them all on my wish list.

Please Note:  I have not been asked to write about this product.  They don't know me, they don't know my children - they don't even know my name.- I get nothing from doing this - these are some of those things that I would simply love to own. 

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