Sunday, March 6, 2011

Out and About: Muizenberg Beach

Well we woke up to a glorious summer's day, and who can resist the beach?  In fact since we moved to the Cape we spend almost every day at the beach - surfing, walking at sunset, going on picnics with friends, Nippers (lots of that) and treasure hunts for shells  .  We are so greatful for this season.  We are surrounded by such beauty that it takes our breath away.

So off we went to Muizenberg, after attempting to feed our children who were too excited to eat , to "catch some surf". 
 We were joined by some great friends and of course like any good surfers there was a "debate" about the waves.
 Not that I was privy to these serious conversations as I am just the mom and a rather fearful-of-sharks-and-anything-else-lurking-in-the-water type of mom. In fact with the black flag waving a warning there was no way I was going anywhere near the water unless like Peter, I would be walking on it.

Our children love it, and they are quickly becoming surf addicts.

Ruthie is still practising the run up to the waves but give her a year or two and she'll be in there with the rest of them.

Of course while they were busy in the waves, Mom and Dad got some time to share some special moments.


  1. Looks like so much fun...definitely envious from the land of ice and snow! So glad you are enjoying Capetown. Blessings to all of you,

  2. Thanks Candra, we are truly loving it, its been sooooo good for our family. I have been following your blog and just love all the photos and updates about your little man - he looks so big, I cannot believe how much he has grown!


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