Saturday, June 18, 2011

Out and About: Charly's Bakery

Our Friday excursion was meant to all be about the District Six Museum in Buitenkant Street Cape Town but we came across the most unusual sighting on the way home that deserves special mention - Charly's Bakery.

The little girl in me could not resist.  And the inside was even more beautiful than the outside.  I felt like I was Alice in Wonderland.
Chandeliers with the most beautiful trinkets hanging in every room. The place was buzzing.And if you take your cakes away they are packed in beautiful white and pink boxes.
After the initial ooh's and aah's - we saw them. Row upon row of the most exquisitely decorated biscuits.
And layers of unusually decorated cupcakes full of enticing colours.

 And then this one which looked unbelievably real.  Yes that is a cake.
I know I shouldn't have, all those colourants - sugars .... but like most things forbidden, who could resist? So I ordered these little critters for the boys

And I had the most delicious chocolate cake smothered in a toffee choc sauce with a cherry on top:)
AND THEY LOVED IT! I was the number one mom! They could barely contain themselves. 

With blue teeth and tongues they smiled their way all the way to the station.

I'll post about the Museum tomorrow.....

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