Monday, January 2, 2012

Friendship: A Precious Jewel

I know that in my life I fulfill a noble task as mother, wife and daughter.

I do these with all I have in me, sometimes to the point of absolute exhaustion.

And then I forget to leave time for friendships. 

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Today I sat at a surprise birthday party of a very special friend,surrounded by women of calibre, women with depth and integrity. Women who made me feel like one of the family - laughing, crying, and sharing tender moments.  And I wondered to myself why I don't do more of this.

Because I have so much to do

Maybe tomorrow

Maybe next week.

And the seasons change and still you wait for the perfect moment
And then its too late, 
Its time to say goodbye, 
and a moment has been missed - a divine appointment for hearts to connect, to encourage, to share is lost forever.

 That precious gem 
the one God gifted you with when you needed a shoulder to cry on
the one who was the only one brave enough to tell the you truth 
the treasure of special moments shared in those open hearted moments where all is bared
the one who loved you for who you are - even when you couldn't love yourself

it's gone
in a moment
life was too busy

but there is hope
a new face or an old face you never took the time to know comes along
a chance for new friendships
second chances

Among life's precious jewels,
Genuine and rare,
The one that we call friendship
Has worth beyond compare.

- Author Unknown -

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