Saturday, September 15, 2012

Be Careful of Dream Snuffers

"I have a dream...." 

such powerful words


Vision is powerful in that is the seed of greatness
It's the start of a journey
It's personal 
Vision is governed by your own convictions and passions.

When you have a dream...

beware of the one who would snuff it out!

Whether you have vision for a new business, a ministry that God has laid on your heart, your educational philosophy, or lifestyle choices - be careful of who you open up to, who you are vulnerable with.

There are friends, family members or strangers who have the ability to cast every criticism or doubt that could rob you of the things you dream of.  They might not do it intentionally but these criticisms and doubts are based on their own worldview, life's experiences or disappointments.

Choose who you talk to carefully.  Often when we share these dreams they are still in infancy - we can be sensitive and a little unsure of the how, when, why and what.  Shared with the wrong person - we might never take another step, but shared with right person, we will be

Believe in what seems impossible

Today I want to say to you:
Dream big!  Dream in God!  Believe in Yourself! 


  1. Very wise! And it seems the larger he group (like a tableful of teachers in the lounge) the more likely the negative Nellies are to start mouthing... Avoid them!
    Thanks Mel!

  2. Really gud advice. Read this 12 years late. Life full of regrets now and am so unconfident now,

    1. But it's not over. Regrets can be soul destroying. Dream again! It's not too late! You may need to leave the old ones behind, but you're in a different space now. Different life. But it doesn't stop you from dreaming again.


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