Sunday, September 16, 2012

Local South African talent - Jeremy Olivier

You may remember the interview I did with Jeremy Olivier, a very talented South African singer.  If you have been listening to the radio recently, you will hear that his music is taking the music industry by storm. 

This family man, talented performer, singer, musician, husband is all about making music that is meaningful, fun and relevant.  What you may not know is that Nicole (his wife) and Jeremy make a remarkable team. She helps to write the lyrics, assists with his public relations and marketing, they homeschool their children and they manage their family life around his music schedule. People who have vision - and have grabbed hold of this opportunity and made it work.

Here are some of his most recent hits:



Why not support this great artist by downloading any one or all of his songs.  And even better, why not share his songs on social media like facebook and twitter and help this music reach the rest of the world!

And if you want to stay up to date with what he is doing ?
The website has a gig guide which is updated monthly, but even better is his Facebook fan page which we update regularly and post all sorts of news/links and events information.

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  1. Hey, Melanie. Just saw this now! Thanks so much for promoting Jem on your blog again. Awesome! Love Nicole xxx


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