Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Blogger Bum: Get Moving

Didn't know there was such a thing did you? Oh well maybe it only happens in the world of blogging - but I doubt it. You could call it "Telly Tubbies"(no offense to the rather strange kiddies TV show with characters like Pinky, Twinky), or "Computer Cushion" or "Food Flab" - you can see these are getting noticeably lame but you get the idea.

I spend lots of time in front of the computer - researching, socialising, writing, recording and doing my husband's administration. And so my butt and the chair or just the bestest of friends, which would be fine if the chair was not such a bad influence on my rear quarters.

I also realised that I love food. OK so maybe I didn't realise, maybe I have always just known. And after all who wants to be on diet every day? I used to do that - eat salad while everyone else was eating steak and chips or mash and meatballs or just about anything. It doesn't help that I am married to a man with a metabolism that has Formula 1 status and children who are constantly active, so when they eat it somehow tames their tummy tigers for about 2 hours before they are hungry again. All of these things do little to help me in not eating so much.

I had to make a decision and some choices.

1. I could have posted a pic of my well rounded behind on my blog, claiming all sorts of accountability reasons but I doubt you would be able to sleep at night and I would lose half of you as readers. You've heard that a picture speaks louder than a thousand words - and I reckon my butt is worth about 1000 000 words - so this was not an option.

2. I could go on a diet while my family enjoyed the good things in life and I get to watch - absolutely not happening.

3. Or I could try something small. Take small steps at a time and do it slow- REAL slow, so as not to shock my system or to have me despondent and downcast because I hadn't managed to succeed which would ultimately lead to lots and lots of chocolates - and that really would not help.

So number 3 it is. The question I had to ask myself is what could I change/ add or remove that would not be too hard but yet sustainable? And so I came up with the idea of " GET MOVING". It's not aerobic or running or gym. It's just to "GET MOVING" as much as possible in the week. And to do things that we can do as a family or just the children and I, with very little effort.

The Result?


This last week my schedule looked like this:
Monday: Walk along length of Sea Point Promenade with the boys
Tuesday: Walk on Boyes Drive with Declan
Wednesday: Cycle/Walk at Green Point Diversity Park
Thursday: Nothing (no guilt though)
Friday: 6km ride from end of Sea Point to Mouille Point with the children - even Ruthie did this
Saturday: Nothing
Sunday: Beach

So there you have it, one week and I have made some progress. I want to live a healthy lifestyle and this is great. Not only is it great for my health but it's great just to get out with the children. We laugh and talk and just have lots of fun and always lots of stories after.

So this is what I would like to master before I do the next thing. So if you see me walking, riding or running - don't wave, or offer me a lift. Climb out the car and join me:)

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