Saturday, February 9, 2013

What get's up your nose?

There are things that can really irritate even the most patient and gracious of people, and you can put on the appearance of tolerance but it doesn't change the fact that inside you're just a little irritated or raging mad.  I have a few of those.
*  someone eating crunchy food next to me.  I don't mind if I eat the same crunchy food as them, it somehow blocks out the noise and I am not so aware of the sound effects.

*  drink slurpers, my children are experts in this.

* people who don't share their yummy treats like chocolates, biscuits or cakes - after all "Sharing is Caring"

*  bad coffee - coffee makers should be licenced individuals, I am currently an unlicensed rookie but don't tell anyone that.

*  bad trolley drivers - another unlicensed ragamuffin group - my thought on this is that anyone who cannot drive their trolley should definitely not be driving a car

*  people who expect me to be on call 24/7 - since email and smart phones have improved all types of communication, there is an expectation that I should answer immediately.  Even if I just happen to be sleeping, sick or even just not really in the mood to talk to anyone - there are technology harassers who don't seem to respect one's need for space.  And boy do you lose big time brownie points - in fact your friendship could be in trouble.

*  dirty oily hair on me or anyone else

*  people with hooks - I love all people - as long as they are not being friendly, generous or chatty because they want something from me - relationship with a hook.

*  cats that fight at night -with two cats in our house, this happens fairly regularly

*  hair in my food - yuk, yuk, yuk!

*  phone calls in the middle of a movie

*  lying - this one is a big one.  Honesty can hurt but rather honesty than lies.  People don't like honesty, they ask questions and tell you they want to hear the truth, but when you tell them, they take offense.

*  hairy bits on a chicken - yuk!

*  when people text or read their emails on their smart phones while having a conversation

*  music played by neighbouring drivers so loudly that my ears pound and hurt

*  dogs that sniff my private bits - what's up with that?

*  rats,  mice, snakes, spiders, bugs, slugs, snails, mosquitoes, maggots - seriously cannot carry on with this creepy crawly list, makes me nauseous.

*  lazy, fussy and picky children - learning to eat what's put in front of you and helping even when you are a guest in someone's house is something that many parents don't seem to nurture in their children.

*  dog poop - on the beach, on the grass, on the sidewalk - basically anywhere

*  face, nose or teeth pickers - need I say more?

*  sand under my feet in my house, the endless sand trail left in my house from my children spending afternoons at the beach

*  crumbs in the bed

*  toe jam - not sure I know anyone with this but it just sounds gross

*  alarm clocks - I love my sleep

*  SPAM !

*  cold coffee

I have so many more, but this will do for the moment.  But I would love to hear from you.  What is your list of things that get up your nose?

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