Thursday, February 7, 2013

Reaching Out: Considering Adoption?

You may or may not know that we adopted a precious little girl, while setting up and running a home for orphaned and abandoned babies "iKhaya LikaBaba - The Father's House". It's been 4 years now and yet the memories are still so vivid of the day we met her. Adoption has always been important to us and the advocacy thereof. I have realised that it is our responsibility - not theirs, or that non profits. It will take individuals like you and I to make a difference to change the statistics.

For those of you who are considering adoption, there will be a Together for Adoption conference been held in Pretoria. This is a first for South Africa. This conference has been hosted in North America for a number of years. I remember contacting the organiser asking when they would host a conference here - and now they are!
And they have even created a short You Tube video explaining what they are about.

So why not head out there if you can and ask all the questions you have always wanted to ask. What a wonderful opportunity to learn how to truly make a difference in the lives of those who have been orphaned and abandoned. And take your husband with you!

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