Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Sacred Inbox

I don't know about you, but as a homeschooling mother of 4, wife to a husband who runs his own business from home, homemaker, daughter, mother of sports lovers, and all the other things I could list - I don't have time for twaddle ( a word I borrowed from Charlotte Mason).  I get so many emails every day, I don't want to waste precious time reading junk - but there are some definite must-reads that I really enjoy!

1.  Confessions of a Pioneer Woman
I love the way this lady writes and the fact that she has red hair, kind of entitles her to my support.  Her posts are funny, aesthetically appealing and she never sends out space fillers. And if she has I have never noticed.  (though this probably doesn't say much, I am not always the most observant)  In fact she has been declared one of the top 10 most influential woman bloggers globally.  I mean when she has a competition sometimes there are almost 40 000 entries - that's a lot of readers!

2.  A Holy Experience
I could just open her website to listen to her music.  I feel like a peace descends on my soul when I listen to the music she has there.  Now I know this sounds so superficial but let me just say, she writes beautifully. She was also the motivation behind the 1000 gifts article, I started writing with the children.  You should read the introduction to her book here. She will have you simply riveted from the beginning.

3.  Wonderopolis - where the wonders of learning never cease.
The title says it all.  Intriguing articles like:  *  are jellyfish made of jelly? *  how do you build a tunnel underwater? *  do dogs shop at flea markets?  I love the emails that arrive every day and the children have a chance to learn something new every day.  (in fact so do the parents)

4.  Botany photo of the day from the Botanical Garden and Centre for plant research
Awesome photographs, you could get lost here.  You subscribe and they send you one every day with a write up, for the plebs like me who have no idea what they are looking and would like to know more.

5.  Se7en
Actually she's se7en +1.  A local star who has 8 children, who home schools them and still manages to blog!  And I thought I had a busy life.  Her blogs are always full of crafts, recipes and lots of photographs.  The fact that she lives about 2km from me, means that her blogs are especially relevant.  Sometimes when you read blogs based in other countries to your own, they are entertaining but seem to be unreachable or unattainable, but with hers I get some real concrete ideas.

6.  The Happy Housewife
I love her emails especially now before Christmas because she has is doing 100 days of homemade Christmas gifts.  The gifts are really quite easy and not expensive to make.  You may need to go back to see the older posts, as the ideas are already on #66 but with more than a month to go, you have lots of time to play catch-up

What are some of your favourite emails?  Do they come from specific blogs?  Are they educational sites?   I would love to add some to my list - so go ahead and comment!


  1. Hay that's us!!! I am catching up my reading and wandering through your blog and there we are!!! Thank you ... you are just such a star!!! The fact that you live in my old nick of the woods... what can I say lucky you!!!


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