Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Winners of the Cape Dairy Experience

And so the winners of the 2 tickets for the Cape Dairy Experience are:
Samantha Kingett who said: 
... This sounds like loads of fun I would love to go!!

I can 'fess up to the dbl cream yoghurts and chocolate but sorry not the smelly cheeses - my husband loves them though.

Only full cream in our house!


Caroline Gill who said

I think this pushes a button for everyone in our family:
1. Dad (who secretly eats the ice cream stash in the freezer)
2.Mom (who loves to cook everything with cream)
3.Oldest sister (the healthy greek yoghurt fan)
4.Middle sister (the cheese besotted mouse) and
5.Little brother (the chocaholic and food fanatic - in fact anything edible goes!!)
So we have highlighted this epic event on our family calendar - certainly not to be missed!! 

Well done ladies, hope you have an amazing day!  And make sure to come back and share some photos.  How about a guest blog:)?


  1. Hi Melanie

    I tried to leave a comment yesterday but not sure if you got it so would like to thank you again. We are so excited and looking forward to going on Saturday with Vanessa so hope to see you there.


  2. I got it thanks, just forgot to publish it. Glad you are going! I hope to see you there too.


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