Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Out and About: Cape Dairy Experience

So we headed off to the Cape Dairy Experience on Friday.  It was perfect.  It was quiet!  This meant that my children were able to ask lots of questions, taste everything, and we could wander around without me worrying about whether they would get lost in the crowds.  I know that the Saturday was a huge success and very busy but I loved having so much of the place all to ourselves.  It seems there were a few other homeschooling moms who had the same idea ....

We had a milking competition ... and can you believe it, Sean came first.  For an IT guy, thats pretty good!
 There were lots of cows to look at. We learnt about all the different milking cows....

 Fed them

Saw some mean machines.  I thought IT guys in computer stores were bad, you aint seen nothing yet.  Farmers and their big bad machines!
 And the two eldest were both selected to volunteer in the cook off between two food bloggers.  They got prizes and loved all the attention.  Ethan was even allowed to lick out the cake bowl. He really was in his element.

As you can see I enjoyed posting ALL my photos in collages.  I couldn't help myself.  They do it so much better than I could ever - I am definitely no graphic artist!

I would love to hear from you.  
What has been your favourite excursion with the family this year?
Was it a family day at the zoo?  Did you head off to the aquarium?  Or was it a picnic on the beach?


  1. looks like an amazing day! our many...i cant choose one...sea, aquarium...and Cape Nature Reserve...must be on the top of my list...

  2. Well your photos definitely make me want to go there for more often.

  3. Thanks agian Melanie for the free tickets. We went Saturday with Vanessa and a neighbour and had an amazing time! Did not find it too busy and really enjoyed the Puglia Cheese and Huguenot chocolate demonstrations. The kids had such fun and loved the big machines, slide, tug of war and all the free dairy!!

  4. Sounds like it was good for you too, sorry we missed the ice cream competition but I probably would have had to spend at least a week in the gym if I had gone:)


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