Monday, November 14, 2011

Walk Green Giveaway

Shoes, glorious shoes (I am sure Oliver would have said these words too if his tummy wasn't so empty) - oh yes they really are glorious.  I love them because I always need them.  My children permanently have hole enriched shoes that have been torn, tormented and terminated as they ramp, J-Board or just simply exist them at every waking moment.

So I have made sure to enter a wonderful giveaway on Jenni C's, she is offering an awesome prize of a pair of shoes for children - yep and they are the really nice ones!  The Green Cross ones! (the ones I always eye but never buy because my budget doesn't allow for it)

  It could be a really lovely Christmas gift or those shoes you need for your vacation trip. 

And look out for a new giveaway tomorrow - some more special Christmas gifts to win tomorrow !


  1. the trick with boys is no shoes at all ;-) my son hates shoes and goes everywhere barefoot, even mountain climbing ;-) the only reason he owns a pair or 2 of shoes is cause granny buys them - she insists - lol...but little girls that another story, mmm can see the need for a huge shoe budget in the future!
    have a great day. Love Shelley

  2. I nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you for sharing.


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