Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Low Down on Mother's Day

I stumbled upon se7en's post today about Mother's Day.  I am so aware of the fact that I would love it if my children could say that I always made them happy - but I don’t. My responsibility is to train and mentor them, love them and make choices that are for their own good. And sometimes in the process I might not even be someone they like very much. But some of my value and appreciation in my children’s eyes, will not be until they are older – when they have their own children.

As a mom, I now soooo appreciate my own mother because I only now understand the price of mothering and the sacrifices paid. Willingly and lovingly paid but it costs dearly, every day.
I trust that Mother’s Day will be a day of revelation for your children to see you as God sees you – your heart for them, your service and your love.

From her post "Mother's Day For Real Mothers"

So Mother’s Day is looming, the whole day fills me with very mixed feelings. You have to know I love a celebration but Mothers all over the world are made to expect that their children are going to tell them how wonderful they are. And I know so many mothers are going to be disappointed that their kids forgot or that their husband didn’t even get the kids to make her a cup of tea. Mother’s Day is one of those awkward times where we have raised the expectation of a given day so high that it is bound disappoint...Read More


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