Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ruthie and she's ONLY fwar!

My dearest daughter is 4 and what an adventure this has been!  Every year I love to look back and remember with each of my children those special moments captured that bring a smile to my face and my heart pump custard!
A lover of hats and bling!
She joined our family when she was a wee little thing of only 6 months and full of smiles.
 With a fascination with the world
And a love for action even if she didn't always know what was going on
Colourful, vibrant and full of life is this little princess
And those big brown eyes with long lashes.
 She immediately got into the rhythm of things - sleep being one of her favourite past times.
 Which is definitely a family trait!
 Partners in crime, my two water lovers, if there's a tap running - its got to be the two of them.
  My little angel
 Isn't she just nunu?
 My beach lover, shell collector, stone collector, junk collector - anything from the beach.
Mommy's little girl
 A girly girl who loves ribbons and bows and make up. (yep she may be 4 but she loves make up)
 Ruthie with her favourite friend Nick.  She loves Nick.  And Nick loves Ruthie, these two are inseparable when they are together.
 Her number one hero, of course - her dad!

 Her first doll!  Thanks to Nandi dolls and this one smells of vanilla and goes to bed with her every night.
 Lover of hot drinks, cool drinks, soda - anything except water
 Always full of smiles and ready for an adventure in the garden.

 Loves her brothers passionately and hates being apart from them.

 My daughter, my friend, my angel, my princess
Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday are precious!!!

  2. aww what a little doll mel!

    1. Thanks Danie, haven't heard from you in so long!


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