Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What do you smell like?

The smell I am talking about is not that smell that you get just after a gym session, or the end of the day I-am-too-afraid-to-check-under-my-armpits kind of smell.  The smell I am talking about are those lovely fragrances you buy for that special someone or as a treat, or hopefully someone else buys it for you.

Fragrances are a luxury.  More than just the regular soap and deodorant combination.  It's expensive and delightful. It's something you leave behind in a room after you have left.  And sometimes it even goes ahead of you.  What you choose as a fragrance reflects, to some degree, who you are.

Sweet, sporty, musky, spicy, floral, bouquet (I love this description which refers to a number of flowers scents combined together), green (mmmh, not sure about that one),oriental, woody, fruity or citrus.  So many to choose from.

I love trying out new fragrances but always end up overdoing it and just about giving myself a full blown headache as I make my presence known in the fragrance department.  And then I find one that I really like and when I get home I can't remember which of the "fragrant spots" it is.  I know there is supposed to be the correct way to do this, but who knows what that is - and anyway I like smelling like perfume.

In fact its like wine tasting.  Apparently when you taste wine you are supposed to take a sip - AND NOT SWALLOW! Then you swirl it around and jiggle it in your cheeks like a mouthwash and then horror of horrors - SPIT IT OUT! Who ever came up with such a silly notion.  After all the best part of wine is actually swallowing it.  If I want mouthwash I would simply go to the local grocery store.  But that's another matter completely.

So back to perfume - yes there probably is a right way of doing it but I haven't researched perfume etiquette yet.  So here I am covered in the most beautiful fragrances and the question that always pops up in my mind is.....(thanks to my dear friend Debbie who was the first person to ask me that question)

What fragrance am I?

I am "Beyond Paradise" by Estee Lauder.

I am a traveller by heart, I remember dreaming of travelling to the corners of the earth and seeing and experiencing new adventures.  I love going and doing things that I have never done before, going the extra mile, going the extra distance.  Exploring, pioneering and experiencing. It's a motto I live by - I would rather have memory moments than things.  If you were to ask me what I would do if I had 3 wishes from a genie in a bottle, or a million dollars, or a wish from my fairy godmother - my answer would be to TRAVEL.  I wish I had thought to do a travel blog - who knows maybe by now I would have seen the world and then some.

I am an emotional being as depicted by the beautiful colours of this special bottle.  I experience a diverse range of emotions  every day - and thankfully I have a husband who is very even keeled and doesn't allow too much to influence his day.  He understands that I am a passionate person and somehow has the wisdom of Solomon when it comes to his wife and her emotions. 

It's sweet and I love sweet! I wish I were more sweet - but my sweetness stems from the sugary kind and in fact I suspect my body is starting to resemble the shape of that perfume bottle if truth be told.  I love sweet fragrances, sweet flowers, sweet children, sweets, sweets - I said that twice didn't I?

The fragrance bottle is heavy and solid and fits really nicely in my hand.  It's not finicky or fragile and the glass is even a little thick.  That's me.  I'm solid.  Down to earth, not too fragile (sometimes I think I am not fragile enough).  I am independent, strong-willed, confident and outspoken. But just like the perfume, I'm all soft and liquid inside.  My heart is easily broken on things that matter - like orphans and abandoned babies.

So now it's your turn - maybe you have have never given this any thought.

So my question to you is ...... out of all the perfumes or fragrances in a store, which one would best describe you and why?

This is a question that doesn't belong to me but my dear friend Debbie who ministered to many women, and now watches from heaven as we continue the race of life.  Thinking of you my dear friend today - you have left a deposit in my heart that will stay for a lifetime.

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