Tuesday, May 29, 2012

1000 Gifts: It's all about Perspective

You may remember that my children started their own 1000 gifts list which is a list of all the things they are grateful for, which was an enlightening activity for them.  A reminder of God's goodness all the time.  I also have had to do a lot of adjusting in my perspective about what I focus on. This year has not been an easy one, as some of you may that have been following my blog for some time, my know.

For those of you that haven't, here are some of the challenges and struggles that we have had to face during this season.  It's been a journey that has tested my faith, tested my emotions and has challenged me on almost every front.

Is your fridge empty
This too shall pass
Desperate and Hungry
Everything you could possibly need
Today I missed it ... by a mile
How to have a clean house and a good attitude
Why me Lord?

And it's all about perspective, not allowing our circumstances to dictate our emotions, our relationship with God  and our relationship with others.  But there's a problem, if your eyes, ears, mind, heart and thoughts are focused on what is going on - it is impossible to see anything else.  But when you make the effort to look for, search for, think on and listen to the good things that God has done, it changes our perspective.

And I want to change my perspective!  So I will continue to focus on the goodness of God and what I have and am grateful for, rather than the rest!  (at least try)

So here are some of the things I am truly grateful for at the moment..

1. friends who have stepped in to help us with lifts and others who have lent us a car here and there, with our car being out of action.
2. a church who gives us the freedom to be ....
3.  early mornings when I actually get up when the alarm goes off
4.  unexpected blooms

5.  pink fluffy gowns and PJ's
6.  puppy breath kisses
7.  fragrant coffee first thing in the morning
 8.  audio bibles that allow me to listen to God's word before I have to open my eyes
9. powerful rain clouds over the ocean
10. organised people who plan excursions so that I don't have to worry about logistics or have to do too much thinking
 11. moments of sharing thoughts, struggles and feelings with a stranger
12.  my diary that reminds me all the time of all the things I didn't see written in it
13.  the pile of clothes that need to be ironed hidden in the cupboard, a great hiding place for when visitors are here
14.  the new iron, complements of my husband :))

15.  little girls who follow me around
16.  children who help me around the house
17.  being Sean's helpmeet

18.  the children of China
19.  a legacy left                                                             
20.  mothers who intuitively know just the right moment to phone or help

What are you feeling grateful for today?  What has God done for you?  Why not leave a comment and let us share in His goodness today.

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