Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cuttting down when things are tough

We recently have been a bit tight with finances, which can create a fair amount of stress in our household and as mom, I think the burden of having to create food out of nothing or knowing there are things your family needs but can't afford - can be fairly difficult to deal with. There are many ways you can deal with this: you can borrow, you can get a credit card, you can go into overdraft, you can not pay your bills 


This is not always the nicest option.  I've had to make phone calls to end sport sessions, or stopped extra curricular activities, not gone on as many excursions, saying no to invitations to parties because we can't afford a babysitter and gift.  


Of course it is.  
It requires humility ("I can't afford these lessons anymore")
it takes honesty ("I would love to visit but actually I don't have petrol money")
 not having the things you want or need ("I really need a new pair of sneakers")
 eating more basic meals ("I wish I could have some mushrooms and cream with this pasta sauce instead of just tomato")

but it also 

I have to trust what God says, trust that He will take care of us - sometimes in ways that I wouldn't have chosen (like someone arriving with groceries at the door) - but put my pride in my pocket and trust Him and be grateful for what He gives me.

But given the choice between debit and faith - I choose faith any day.  Debt imprisons but faith brings freedom.

Choose freedom!
 Remember you are not alone.  I too have wept.  I have had times when I have had an empty fridge.  I have had moments where I have been fearful of losing my home and yet time and time again - God done the most amazing things in our lives and in our family's life.  

If you would like prayer, feel free to email me. I will pray with and for you as we trust God together to do what needs to be done, and to provide in a way that only He can.  Even if you have already cut back, tried your best to live frugally and still you are really struggling to make ends meet, let's pray!

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  1. Hang in there, sister! You're doing the right thing by cutting back, and it will pay off.

    1. You are always so supportive! Thank you!

  2. Mel, i love your honesty! i think it is great that you share your journey, and how God comes through for you and your family!!!!

    1. Thanks Jenni, though in the past you've been one of those amazing friends who have done the most unexpected things - this is some of my story but some of yours too:)

  3. Mel, your faith and trust is very encouraging....xxx


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