Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How often do you journal with your kids?

Journaling is something I am really passionate about.  I make every effort I can to get my children to journal as much as possible.  It has become part of our daily routine.  With homeschooling starting tomorrow after a short break, we will most likely write about our favourite holiday activity.

I don't think there are any hard or fast rules about journaling but these are some of the guidelines I use as to how often I journal:

1.  As often as I can (yep a really simple one I know but it's true)

2.  I settle them first thing in the morning - by giving them the chance to express their thoughts.  

3.  After any big event - holidays, birthdays, excursions, visits by friends, camps

4.  Sometimes not for a week - I put this in so that you realise that I don't get it right either and some days are just crazy busy.  

5.  As often as possible without it becoming a chore, burden or something they hate.  They might occasionally moan but once they get into it they really enjoy it.

Though I make this as part of our school routine, I have found my children writing in their journals during holidays unprompted.  It becomes second nature to them eventually.

Happy Journaling



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