Thursday, October 11, 2012

What does turning 40 mean to me?

I know I keep saying that I am turning 40 this year, but this morning when my mom phoned and reminded me that I am turning 40 on Monday (notice the day please so if you want to send any gifts you know what day to send it on:)), it finally struck me.  40.  A big fat round number!  So it got me thinking about what turning 40 means to me.

1.  I wonder whether I am now middle aged or maybe I was middle aged from 30 but living in denial?

2.  Moms still have babies at 40.  Now I might not be having another baby physically but Sean and I are still hoping to adopt again.  More children at the age of 40 is a great idea!

3.  They say sex gets better as you get older - so it's going to be fabulicious.  If you see my husband in the street with a goofy smile on his face - then you know this 40 thing is working.

4.  I can stop looking for pimples and start looking for those lines of maturity on my face.  I expect I am all mapped out already but looks like there's still space for some more.

5.  Grey is the new red.  Though my mom at 70 still has her own red hair with a few grey hairs in her side burns, so hopefully I take after my mom and not my dad who has a receding hairline and grey hair - or worse my cat, who sheds hair daily.

6.  Do I qualify for pensioners yet? Oh I think that's only at 65.

7.  Young couples will start to admire Sean and I as we hold hands at the beach and think to themselves "when I am old I want to be just like that couple".

8.  I will be the envy of every woman who ever wanted a younger man.  I am two years older than Sean so now I will be a woman in my 40's married to a man in his 30's.

9.  I get to blame everything on menopause and hot flushes  - you know all of those lady things that I have no real idea about but have heard rumours of.

10.  My children can now walk around telling everyone that I am now 40. I am sure they relish this idea - they seem to have no difficulty in announcing my age to everyone they meet, even the security guard at the entrance of Pick 'n Pay.


  1. Just wait till you hear "your" music on the oldies stations! When I turned 50 I finally acknowledged that I was middle aged, and my classmate assured me we were way past middle!
    Happy birthday!

  2. Ha ha ha ha....thanks for the heads up, I hit that nice big round number in 5 months least I am younger than you no 7.... Had a good laugh...btw you don't look a day over 21 ....


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