Friday, November 16, 2012

And the Winner of the The Greatest Coffee Giveaway

I am a week late but I did not forget, so at least there is progress.  And so who's the lucky person to win this fabulous gift?

Well done Nikki Loans you are a winner!

Nikki Loans:  I haven't tried Mexican Fudge, so that sounds yum!

I am sure you will love this coffee as much as I do
I know you have all been waiting with baited breath, in fact you can almost smell the coffee - you might even be seeing it like a mirage of coffee in the desert, or is that water?  Well it's happening, it's big, it's the biggest...

Coffee Giveaway!

Coffee Giveaway!
Kevin our local barista, who I interviewed earlier this month, has generously given us a great giveaway - 4 flavoured coffees and delicious chocolate covered coffee beans.  Just the sort of thing you want to win just before Christmas! Or if you're like me, hide the stash in the cupboard and drink it all by yourself!

I bet you're asking yourself - What flavours?  Hazelnut, Irish Cream, Mexican Fudge and Regular.  Oh yeah baby!  And then those yummy chocolate covered coffee beans - I mean chocolate and coffee were meant for each other - like the sun and the moon, the fish and the sea., OK so I have run out of any further examples but you get my meaning?  All of this is valued at R235 and it could be yours!

How to Enter
Simply leave a comment below and tell me which flavour you most want to try.

For extra entries
*  Share this giveaway on Facebook/ Twitter and leave a comment separately for each one, to let me know you have. (1 extra entry each)
*  Blog about this giveaway - remember to come back and let me know you have done this in the comment section below.(5 extra entries)
*  Like Mel's Mouthful on Mothering Facebook Page , Follow me on Twitter - come back and let me know by leaving a comment (2 entries each)

(Remember that if you don't have a blog, leave your email address when you comment, so that I can contact you, otherwise you might not get your prize and you don't want to lose out on this one!)

Anyone can enter our Giveaway AND you can enter even if you have won one of the Giveaways before.  Because of shipping fees, this competition is only open to South African readers.
The Winner will be announced on Friday 9 November 2012

Of course for those of you that can't wait to try this coffee, you can contact Kevin directly:  For only R50 you can buy a 250g bag of the most awesome coffee, and if you live in South Africa it can be posted to you.
His contact details are:  Cell 081-2706225 or email him and place your order.


  1. Mexican fudge sounds interesting. would also like to try the coated coffee beans. (woolies used to make them years ago but no more so am delighted that Kevin has brought them back) delish. If i don't win I will have to definatly buy some.
    thanks Mel from Lythann

  2. ooh Mel, Irish Cream sounds perfect!

  3. I haven't tried Mexican Fudge, so that sounds yum!

  4. shared on Facebook, & liked your page

  5. Can vouch for the regular - its great! Would love to try the Hazelnut...mmm and those choc coated beans...ooohh!!

  6. shared on Fb...can see I am desperate :-)

  7. Ooooooo you can give me some Hazelnut any day! Yummo!
    :) Thanks x

  8. O, the Irish cream sounds divine

  9. Irish Cream sounds good, the coffee beans in chocolate also sounds good.:)

  10. Tough one to choose!!!! MMM Mexican Fudge it is!!!!!

  11. Mexican Fudge sounds divine!!!

  12. Following on Facebook and Twitter

  13. Mexican Fudge sounds fascinating! Also keen on those chocolate coated coffee beans, let it be me, let it be me...!!
    Carol x

  14. Mmmm...I most want to try ALL of them! How could I possibly choose?
    Yvette xx

  15. Would love to try the regular.

  16. I bought my first bag of coffee from Kevin last Saturday ... amazing coffee! I'm the regular type of gal!
    Sarah Lewis:)- you've got my details already

  17. Mexican Fudge sounds great!
    Samantha Clothier

  18. Hi Mel,
    I would love the Hazelnut flavour. Have shared on FB and liked your FB page Mel's Mouthful on Mothering.
    Charmaine van Rooyen


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