Monday, November 5, 2012

Recipe: Hot Chocolate

So you know my passion - making things from scratch.  I cannot bring myself to buy something that I can make myself (unless driven out of desperation OR laziness OR because I don't feel like moving a muscle OR because its Friday OR just because!).  I enjoy using products I know, with no added chemicals with unrecognisable names.  Often it's because we want something at odd times at night or days when the shops are closed, the car is in the garage or I am feeling particularly adventurous.  I hope that by now you have tried to make the golden syrup, unless of course you are trying to avoid all sugars (not a bad idea mind you, but one that's never really grabbed me - after all, where would my love handles go if I avoided all these lovely things?)
So here's the latest greatest recipe for Hot Chocolate

2 cups sugar
1 cup cocoa
3 cups powdered milk/ Cremora
1 tsp salt
2 tsp cornflour

I sieved all of this together in a bowl and then mixed all the dry ingredients with a wooden spoon.  If you don't sieve it you are bound to get lumps of cocoa, which could mean a mouthful of bitterness, or even worse lumps of salt or Cremora .  In fact any kind of lumps are just disgusting!  I use the same quantities as the bought version but this one is very chocolatey and rich.  If you find it's still too strong, add another half cup of powdered milk.

[Now the Cremora was also not my first choice but one night I discovered that I had forgotten to buy my regular powdered milk and saw that there was Cremora (coffee creamer) in the cupboard.  I gave it a try and the kids said that it tasted as good.]

Enjoy experimenting with this recipe: try a twirl of cream, a couple of marshmallows and some grated chocolate for some extra deliciousness!

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