Sunday, November 25, 2012

Are you doing too much for your child?

I like things to happen smoothly, quickly and according to my standards or ways and yet so often that leads me into a space where I take things away from my children.  I stop them doing things that they are quite capable of doing or learning.  For example: it's easier for me to cook, rather than let them do it - because I am tidy and I know just how I like it done.  But it's not always the best way for my children.
"Are you doing too much for your child" by Debbie Pincus talks about how to change this behaviour and why we should.  What I find especially interesting is that she especially mentions parents with special needs children and their desire to help so much that they are no longer helping their child's development and growth.  She gives all parents some useful perspective on how to break this cycle.

Read more about this insightful article here.

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