Friday, November 2, 2012

Mel's Must Have #5 Art by Bron Stofberg

I am no art fundi but when I first saw Bron's work, I could feel a connection.  I felt like I was looking into my creative me - seeing colour, shapes, movement, depth. I could just stare at her art and get lost in it.  Bron Stofberg is a South African artist based in Durban and some of her clients have included Madonna (yes Madonna - that's not a mistype).  I will be interviewing her later this week but for now I just want to show you her remarkable talent!

These are just a small portion of her pieces but these are some of my favourites:







Aren't those colours wonderful? Dreamy, twirly, stripey, merging magnificence (very artistic comments I know but who cares?)  Apparently she has some secret technique and recipe that allows the colours to flow and bend, speckle and merge.  

Bron Stofberg is by no means unknown - she has been featured in a number of top magazines like:  Garden and Home, Top Billing, Essentials and has even appeared on Top Billing, a local South African show.  

For those of you that are ready to leap online to find more of her wonderful work, her website offers the most remarkable array of work and even prints to order.  

Her latest medium has been buttons and are on sale for Christmas - but clearly she needs to hear from us, that this should definitely be a medium she should keep working with - love love love! 

She has a great Facebook Page with more of her work.  This lady continues to amaze me with the diversity of her art.  And each one of her pieces of art just seem to speak to me, definitely a type of art therapy.  
If I could summarise her art in three words:
By the way I was not asked to do this and I get no compensation for writing this article - just some of those beautiful things that I love.

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