Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Could I Be Failing at Homeschooling?

I have been challenged today in my homeschool view. Am I homeschooling my children - only to find that every value, every dream, every good thing I hope for them, might fall away.  In fact not even fall away, but chase them away?

Reb Bradley writes a very truthful reflection on some of his failures in homeschooling in the Virginia Home Educator's Magazine, and they have nothing to do with curriculum, art or whether you unschool or try the Charlotte Mason method. 

Its all about the heart.  

Why not get a coffee, pray and ask God to speak to you  and then read this article.  You may or may not homeschool, but it examines our motives in how we parent our children.


  1. Thanks for directing me to this article...

  2. oh yes, that was a great post by Reb! Thank you for sharing all your heart over at the May 2012 carnival - so wonderful to hear how others struggle and overcome and recognise our need for our Saviour!


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