Friday, September 30, 2011

Do you love him like this?

Oh yes, he needs it and he definitely wants it!

He wants to know that you love him, adore him and that your heart is overflowing.  Yes even if you have been married for 40 years and "he should know it by now". Yes it means more than words - love is an action word.  It demands an action from you.  Don't wait for him - be bold, and declare your love - TODAY!

Make an effort - we get so busy with life (school, work, ministry, gardening, homeschooling etc) that at the end of the day all we want to do is get into some casual clothes and just relax.  But you have a man who hasn't necessarily had the privilege of seeing you all day in your beautiful work clothes, make up and sweet fragrances.  If you are a stay at home mom - don't dress like no one is going to see you.  Dress as though someone special is going to walk through your door at any moment - your man! (even if he works from home, even more reason to take the extra effort)

Touch him - every time you come near him touch him. Touch his arm, kiss him on the cheek, touch his hand lightly.  Stand behind him on the couch and touch is hair.  Little reminders that you are aware of him as a person.

Do those things you don't feel like doing - "You want to take a walk now?  But I'm tired, I have to make dinner, I've had a long day."  Gather up the strength, take a deep breath and do it. You know you'll end up enjoying the experience!

Remember his interests and hobbies:  OK so fishing is not your thing, but it's his, so get him fish stuff! (Notice my lack of knowledge in this area) Now Sean is into gadgets (I think most men are), computers and technology.  So I buy him Popular Mechanics as a treat.  Or head off to one of those Technology Expo's (yawn) - but he loves it!

Date Nights: we often talk about them but don't often do.  Find another couple and arrange to have turns looking after each others children, so that you can go on a date night.  Date nights don't have to be expensive events.  Choose something simple if the budget is a bit tight - picnic on the beach, a walk followed by coffees at a little coffee shop, an art exhibition, a museum, even just a long drive.  Quality time alone together.  If you can't go out - have a picnic in your lounge.  The focus is not the "where" its "who" you are with.

Candles: I really think that these are truly unsung hero's.  I know that a lot of you probably buy the big fancy ones.  I get the cheap white ones (yep call me el' cheapo) but I put them into beautiful candlestick holders, glass jars and even on a pretty plate and it looks lovely! Put them in your room at bedtime - he'll get the message.  Climb in the bath, light some candles and then ask him to wash your back - he'll definitely get that message! 

Tell your children hero stories:Tell your children hero stories about their dad while he's listening.  Remember children are easily impressed, so this should be easy.  How daddy saved the day by finding the switch when everyone was so scared in the dark and he was so brave.  How he swept you off your feet.  Or "ask daddy because he is soooo clever/good with bikes/has the strongest muscles." 

*  Give him a night off: Forget the chores, forget helping to put the children to bed.  Let him sit down, fetch that lovely magazine that you bought in (4), make him a nice hot drink, a pillow and foot rest, put some soothing music on and close the door (so that he can't hear you ranting and raving at the kids or banging the pots as you do the dishes).  Now I know you are thinking - but what about me? Don't worry, it will come.  Do some sowing in this department and I know that he will return the favour!

*  Maintain the allure:  The saying familiarity breeds contempt can be so true in marriage- we so easily seem to forget that though we are married to our best friends and that our husbands probably know more about us than anyone else- maintain an element of allure.  Keep the eyebrow plucking, spare wheel pinching, shaving, waxing, squeezing, toilet habits PRIVATE.  He doesn't need to know what you do to make yourself look beautiful, he just wants to look at you.  Imagine that every time he looks into those big eyes of yours, he is reminded of how you used this peculiar contraption to curl them.  Takes away all the appeal doesn't it?

*  Smell Nice:  When he puts on that aftershave doesn't it just make you want to bury your face into his neck and sniff deeply?  I know I LOVE those kind of things.  I am very sensitive to smells.  Smell nice.  If you can't afford perfume, get some nice smelling soap, creams, body mists.  Don't blow the bank account but make it count.

And me? Oh yes, I am the queen of love - NOT! I have to remind myself all the time that love - and the action of loving is not something we stop doing after time, but something we need to work on all the time.

I would love to hear from you.  Why not leave a comment of the ways you express your love to your sweetheart.

Mother Matters

We had our second very successful webinar last night, with Linnie Lues as our guest speaker on the topic of Homeschooling Large Families.  Linnie has said she will post her notes on her blog for those that missed last night's session. We will also be making the audio of the session available soon.

So this week we are looking forward to our third  and fourth session and to you joining us for this event.

Wednesday 05 October 2011 8.30pm-9.30pm

Topic: War on Wheat Panelist:  Tammy Mayes
I am a homeschooling mamma. In our home, we have special needs, special diets, special love, special school, and special children...not to mention that crazy chocolate brown Labrador and Tabby cat who thinks he is king in our home. I am devoted to my caring husband and devoted to my home and my children

Some of the topics we will be discussing include:
1.  How to cope with allergies in the home
2.  Strategies in dealing with wheat allergies, how to start living wheat free
3.  How to cope with social situations without "depriving" your child.
4.  How to source information or recipes
5.  How to manage on a tight budget with the expenses of organic wheat free products.

To register:  Click here
(This webinar is free)
If you need assistance because you are not sure how to do all the "techno stuff"  - we will be online at the meeting 30 minutes before we start, to ensure that any of you need help you can call us, or skype us.

The contact details for Mother Matters are:
Landline:  +27 21 788 2809
Cell:  082 5777 340
Skype:  mother.mel
 This webinar is sponsored by Slingshot Joomla! CMS Specialist

We would love to have you join us at Mother Matters! See you all there!

To view our webinar schedule for the upcoming month click here


  1. Love love love these tips especially the praising him within earshot :) it is a definite winner :) Altho my hub might catch on as I do it with him to praise the children (helps build their confidence).

    I love how simple these touches are :) Another I would add is to notice him when he walks in the room...even if it is just making eye contact :)


  2. Yes eye contact is a good tip! I know that men are visual beings so they like to see your appreciation of them.

  3. Oh, I am so guilty of not making an effort to look good. I work from home and it is just so easy to wear sweats or pajamas all day :) I need to work on this.

    I make my husband's lunch every day. Every once in awhile, I like to throw in a little note telling him I love him and that I hope he is having a good day. He seems to appreciate this.

  4. I like the idea of a note! Its nice to surprise them with unexected. And as for sweats, these are fine as long as they are the pretty ones! I am always looking for the things I find comfortable but upgraded versions - it allows me to wear comfort clothes but look great while doing it. After all if you are not going to an office, you need to have nice stay at home clothes rather than a suit.


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