Thursday, September 8, 2011

Free Webinar and More on China

As mentioned in my previous article, I have managed to persuade Sean (that would be my husband for those of you that don't know) to run a free webinar on how to Launch Your Business Online.   He has been in the Web Coach and Online industry for a number of years, and is experienced in so many things its sometimes hard to keep track of.

Consider the following questions, when trying to decide whether you should attend this webinar or not.:

Are you a home based entrepreneur?
Are you currently unemployed / underemployed?
Do you want to earn money from the comfort and safety of your home?
Do you have a few hours each day to build your business?If you have answered YES to any of the questions above, join us on Saturday evenings, as we explain how you can setup an online business, or get your existing business online.

This will be a FREE five part series, covering;
- Strategy: How to get a great idea and work out your game plan.
- Platform: Blog or website, email or SMS, product or service?
- Social Media: Get visible on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google
- Billing: Charge clients in a professional and effective way
- Affiliates / Partners: Make money by referral and earn a residual income.

You will need a fast Internet connection and a computer with a mic headset or speakers, to fully interact with us and others via this exciting web technology called a Webinar.
Find out more by joining us for the first session, or call us on +27 21 788 2809 for more information.
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Faces and Places of China Part 2 
Today's photos are all about people who we spent time with, while  helping and volunteering with China Heart International - our team !  Volunteers are invaluable to any organisation. Having set up and run a non profit for many years, I know how important volunteers are to the effectiveness of any organisation.  These are the faces of those that volunteered with me.  Special people who travelled from all over the globe to spend time with orphans and special needs children in China.The group was diverse - British, Australians, Chinese, South Africans (us:) and Americans- but what an amazing team!  
Here they are....
And here they are in action.....

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