Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Super Giveaway for the Cape Dairy Experience at Sundringham

Some of you may remember that I mentioned in my post that we are heading to the Cape Dairy Experience in Sundringham on the 4 and 5th November 2011?  Well, we are soooooo going.  I am totally convinced that not only will this be an amazing learning experience, but so many lovely things for the parents too! Besides the inner child in me longing for those finger licking good yummy goodies like - ice cream, cheese, yoghurt and real butter; the children will love this event.

TheWoolworths Dairy Pantry will be teaching us how to make milk tart (proudly South African), roosterkoek and good old traditional pot bread.  So let's see:  Woolies (tick), milk tart (tick), roosterkoek (tick), pot bread (tick) - who could resist?

Oh and did I mention that there will be cooking demonstrations by food bloggers?! Go bloggers!  I didn't even know that bloggers could cook if my culinary skills were anything to go by - but then I am a uniquely unusual unculinary individual with a few bright moments of the ordinary.  My children think I should enter for Masterchef South Africa based on the fact that the only person they have really been able to compare my cooking skills to, is their dad? Did I mention their dad can cook? - oh yes! Fried eggs, french toast, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs and eggs with kind of left overy things in the kitchen.  So you can see why they think I am a chef;) But I AM getting a little distracted.

There are lots of things for the children to do: 
*  ice cream eating contest
*  milking demonstrations 
(be ready to answer all sorts of interesting questions about udders for those of you that have small children)
*  dog jumping competitions
*  tractor shows
*  they can milk a dummy cow 
(that wouldn't be a really dumb cow but just a prop)
*  boeresport games
*  jumping castles
and more......

The Price:  R30 for adults but children under the age of 13 go free! And in fact if you are a school group, provided you register before the event, you can go in free.  Our homeschooling group will definitely be going.
To find out more why not visit their website or call Mariana Rabie at 021 975 4440.

Here's the Giveaway
Thanks to Mariana Rabie and the Cape Dairy Experience, 4 of you will be able to go free.  I will be giving away 2 tickets to 2 of you that enter. 

Here's how to enter:  Simply comment on this post and tell me:  
What is your favourite  Dairy Experience?
Are you in love with the new double cream dessert yoghurts?  
Do you love milk and drink gallons of it just straight out of the bottle?  
Do you hide a secret stash of chocolate under your pillow?  
Do you love smelly cheeses?   
Come on 'fess up!
(Winners will be announced on Monday!)


  1. This sounds like loads of fun I would love to go!!

    I can 'fess up to the dbl cream yoghurts and chocolate but sorry not the smelly cheeses - my husband loves them though.

    Only full cream in our house!

    Love the photo of Ruthie


  2. I think this pushes a button for everyone in our family:
    1. Dad (who secretly eats the ice cream stash in the freezer)
    2.Mom (who loves to cook everything with cream)
    3.Oldest sister (the healthy greek yoghurt fan)
    4.Middle sister (the cheese besotted mouse) and
    5.Little brother (the chocaholic and food fanatic - in fact anything edible goes!!)
    So we have highlighted this epic event on our family calendar - certainly not to be missed!!

  3. Should I warn them that you and the family are coming? Just so they can stock up LOL

  4. LOL...It seems they already have an inkling... the exhibitors page specifically states they must be stocked up every morning... maybe there are others just like us... Imagine!!


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