Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Out and About: The Artscape Theatre: Make Way for Noddy

Saturday morning arrived, and the sky was grey with an occasional downpour.  However we were headed for a morning of entertainment. We were on our way to the Artscape Theatre to watch Make Way for Noddy.  After having attended a previous show, it was time to take the whole family for some holiday entertainment. And though we homeschool and run with a fairly flexible schedule, we generally have holidays when everyone else does because of all the great things there are to do in and around Cape Town.

Make Way for Noddy - was our first significant holiday activity.  As an Enid Blyton fan, this was one production I was looking forward to, having read endless stories about Noddy as a child.  And I wasn't to be disappointed.

With a cast made up mostly of children (ranging from 6 to 12 years!), brightly coloured professional costumes and a beautifully created set - this production caught the attention of the children immediately (and their parents).
This highly entertaining production, consisted of a number of short stories.  As Noddy tries to be kind and considerate, chaos seems to follow him.  And it seems that the goblins Sly and Gobbo are the centre of all mayhem.  Poor Noddy is intent on doing the right thing, while the goblins are determined to sabotage everything he does.  From fake gifts full of rubbish to recruiting other "would be goblins", their antics will have you in stitches.  And Mr Plod, poor Mr Plod - really seems to be 5 steps behind in his investigative skills.

With the assistance of characters like Mrs Skittle and her little Skittles, Clockwork Mouse, Tubby Bear, Dinah Doll (our very own Fish Hoek Primary's Head Girl), Martha Monkey, Tessie Bear,  Pink Cat, the Ladybirds -the cast encouraged the audience to participate actively by standing up and singing and following their actions. Even the more adventurous moms and dads in the audience could be seen mouthing the words and clapping their hands. 
The director responsible for this production,  Cheryl Abromowitz, had been directing productions like this at the Artscape for 20 years!   And this one is one of her most successful shows.Looks like there are lots of Noddy fans out there (all under cover of course).  On a side note, there were LOTS and LOTS of dads, a real family affair.  In fact a number of them were sitting on the floor with their children as enthralled and delighted as their kids were.

All in all a great way to spend a morning as a family and we would highly recommend this has a wholesome family excursion.

 Useful Facts to know:
*  The show is performed in the Artscape Theatre Foyer, which is simply great for the children who can interact with the cast and get up close to the set.
*  It starts at 10:30 am but get there early otherwise you will find yourself clamouring over children and parents to find a place to sit. 
*  Snacks and cooldrinks (and coffees for moms and dads) are on sale but bring cash, there are no card machines.
*  The show is for an hour. Get your snacks and drinks before the production starts.  The children are allowed to munch and drink throughout, and for those that drink lots and lots - the toilets are right there. 
*  Take your camera, even though you are not allowed to take photos during the show, the characters are all available for photographs afterwards.
*  All my children enjoyed this production, but I would definitely think that this is a show for children 10 or under.  Even really little kiddies will love this, as the bright characters and their winning personalities will keep them engaged.  The older actors definitely appeal to the more adult audience (I had a goofy smile on my face the entire hour!) but I know that my boys were very aware of the fact that they were older than a lot of the younger audience.
*  This production comes to a close on the 7th July 2012.
*  Ticket Price is R50, and bookings can be made online.

Thanks to Linette De Kock and Artscape Theatre for hosting our family at this event.  This was a great family event for all of us!

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