Monday, June 11, 2012

Reasons my children like homeschooling

Oh so you thought it was just mom that loves homeschooling?  That children are reluctant participants in this thing called homeschooling.  Well you would be wrong.  Happy to say they love it too!  They have plenty of reasons of their own, so I interviewed each one and asked them what they loved about homeschooling. 

Chad (8 years old)
  • because we get to be with our mom
  • its funner
  • we get to do art
  • we get to go out with dad and do school later
  • reading eggs is my favourite
  • like doing my Mandarin
  • you don't have to one subject for so long you do lots of subjects
  • when its break time we can ride bikes instead of just going to a playground at a school
  • that we are not separated from our brothers and sisters during class and we do subjects together
Ethan (10 years old)

  • fun
  • better than school
  • get to bake
  • do fun experiments
  • get more freetime and don't just ten minute breaks but half an hour breaks
  • (my son of few words)

Declan (11 years old)
  • when we don't have to work according to the school calendar and take breaks when other people don't
  • we get to go on lots of outings
  • being with my mom and dad most of the day
  • not having to do homework after school
  • playdates during the week
  • visits
  • that we can play with Lego while during our literature read alouds
  • listen to audio books while doing art
  • no bullying
  • because we are at home together we get to enjoy every meal together as a family

Ruthie (4 years old)
  • I like doing school with my bwafers (her pronounciation), especially on a Wednesday. (????) Oh well there you have it.
Have you asked your children what they like about homeschooling?  Leave a link if you have to your blogpost, or write it in the comments!


  1. I love this! From the mouths that matter....My daughters response is always that she loves being home with mom and not in a boring classroom! Thanks for sharing your kids' opinions! :)

    1. And the funny thing is my children are the same and yet I always think I must be very boring by the expressions on their faces sometimes:)


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