Monday, June 25, 2012

Reasons I love Twitter

I didn't get into this tweeting thing quickly, I Facebook more than I tweet.   Maybe it's because I enjoy looking at everyone's photographs and I understand most of the comments.  Whenever I went to look at my home page in twitter there were all these ###### and @@@ and tinyurl?  And this just looked like a lot of rather random individuals who were swearing comic book style.  Of course, my confusion has lessened (to some degree) and I enjoy reading and following a number of tweeters.

Reasons that I love twitter: 
(because I am a twit I can hear some of you say! Well that could be it but there are far better reasons than that). 

*  It's short and sweet - because comments are limited, you can scan comments really quickly

Keeping up to date with my favourite bloggers is a lot easier than getting their latest posts in my inbox.  Normally in their tweet they will mention what their post or article is about and then I can decide if I want to read about it or not. By doing this I avoid cluttering up my inbox.

* I can look up specific subjects and see current trends by the types of conversations people are having which keeps me up to date with current events in South Africa and worldwide.

* I get to practice the art of summary - boy is that hard for someone like me who likes to chat.  140 characters, that's all you allowed (and that includes the spaces between words!) But its immensely rewarding to know that you can!

*It's good for business/blogging/sales/marketing - whatever you are doing, Twitter gives you the platform to announce it to your peers or those interested in what you write about.  And then they spread the word by retweeting it (yep there is such a word but that will be explained on another day) and if you're lucky, it will spread far and wide.

* I don't have endless hours to blog but I can share information that's really useful very quickly, without having to sit down and write a post about it.

* It's on my phone, which make tweeting all the easier!  And I can share photos too.

* I get inspired.  I read articles, I chew on quotes and allow them to speak to my soul, I make friends and I reply randomly to tweets I like.

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Why do you love twitter, or have you avoided it as just another social media platform?

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