Thursday, June 7, 2012

Unusual Father's Day Gifts

You have to admit that though we know our husbands try really hard to do well on Mother's Day - you know that we are far better at this than they are.  We plan ahead, we get the kids involved well in advance.  And if you have been married for some time you have probably got this thing done and dusted by now.

But if you're not on top of things, if you still haven't got a clue, try some of these ideas for Father's Day:

Tickets to his favourite sport
In Cape Town, South Africa - there is green and gold on the horizon with the Castle Rugby Championships brewing in August and the Stormers playing against Argentina. Get him some tickets or even better - season tickets! And if he's not a rugby fan, but loves golf, motor cross racing or wrestling  - look up a significant match date and buy him tickets.  He will love you for this.  And we all like a bit of loving don't we.  This is like a serious brownie point moment.

A Sunset/Sunrise something
Whether it be a picnic, a walk, a meal, a coffee shop - being there at either a sunrise or sunset, could be really special.  (Back up plan if the weather turns nasty:  make sure that you know of one alternative where the venue has really large windows and you can sit and watch the rain and storms while enjoying a hot chocolate)

Discover a Town
We have some beautiful towns in and around Cape Town. Pack a cooler box and head off to explore a place you never make time for or always wanted to go to.  Best to check ahead so that you can make sure there are activities and places to visit.  It doesn't matter where you live in the world, find a place that you have never been to as a family.  Make sure you take lots of photos, and then make a slide show which you can watch later.  It will be a keepsake he will really value.

Ask Him
Sometimes we ask, and they say something like - "honey I would really like a hands free kit for my car".  We hear him and decide that there is no way we are going to buy him something functional for his father's day gift (because heaven help a man if he delivers something for the kitchen unless under special request from his wife - like someone I know who got a carving knife and apron for mother's day! He better be careful the next time she carves some meat)

We head out and get him a CD, a nice warm sweater and a pair of socks.  He opens all the gifts and asks where his hands free kit is?   Men are different to women (duh!)  We say we don't want anything but we expect him to read between the lines and get us something drop dead gorgeous.  But with men - they're different.  They say what they want and there are no in between lines.  ( I could comment on the simplicity of this but best not let the gender comparison go too far).  Get him what he wants!  And if its functional - so what?  As long as he's happy.

Now it's your turn... What are you planning for your husband?  We all know the children should do it, but of course we always lend a helping hand don't we?

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