Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Count your days

I know I already posted this on my Facebook group, but this comment by an old school friend  touched me so deeply that I really wanted to share it.  

 He was rushed to hospital after a pool accident on 24 August..longest 3min of our lives.But was already walking the streets of Gold with Jesus... Missed his 1st birthday the following week 1 September----he would have been 16yrs old this week. Every day is purposed to have its own blessings in it...count your days that He has given you to share...tomorrow might not come for some...so when prompted......call that person, invite for dinner, go visit...don't waste this gift.....of Today.~~~~~~~~`trust me, I know.
 We forget, we always forget.  
The fragility of life.  
We have no guarantees - life is short.   

I was reminded again to take the time to listen
to spend a moment appreciating those around me
to breath deeply and enjoy where I am and who I am with.

Love you all deeply and pray that God will inspire you today to make your day count!

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