Thursday, August 23, 2012

No, they are not perfect!

I love love love my kids, they are the best! And you know what - they are not perfect - never ever.  And even if they look like they are resembling perfection - it won't last - maybe a couple of minutes, if I am lucky a bit longer - but it will come to an end.

As you look at your own children and compare them to children who appear to be altogether perfect, well mannered, diligent and immaculately dressed - remember that they ain't perfect either and neither is their mommy!  They will also have their moments.  Maybe not quite the same moment or at the same inconvenient time - but they will.

My children have temper tantrums, cry for effect, lie, manipulate, give me attitude, bicker, drag their feet when it comes to chores, moan and groan and complain.

And it's only when I stop looking at other children and comparing, that I am really able to enjoy them and see...

that they also make me laugh, they help and serve, are considerate with their siblings, look after me when I am feel down, make dinners, ask a multitude of questions and have a zest for life, are adventurers and love quickly, forget my mistakes and forgive easily, are adventurers and bring colour to every day. 

Stop for a moment today and just make a list of 5 things that make each of your children special to you today and then go and tell them.  Make it a time of building with them.  Do it and you will be amazed at how good it is to speak such life over them and for them to hear what they are doing right!


  1. Gosh - did you write this for me? LOL

  2. Remembering how much I love my kids no matter what, helps me understand God's love for us in spite of our messes! Thanks Mel! (PS Mel is my nickname too lol!)

    1. You must be an absolutely amazing person if your name is Mel:)


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