Sunday, August 26, 2012

How do we manage everything?

Often people ask me the question - how I manage.....

* homeschooling
* housekeeping
* friendships
* personal care
* marriage
* gardening
* washing
* blogging
 with a large family

You know the list, it never ends.  There is so much to do every day, every week.  

How do I manage?

I have a "That One Thing" approach to everything I do. 
 Housekeeping involves cleaning the dishes, sweeping, washing etc - but I don't have time to do a top to bottom clean every day and without any help, the dirt can pile up. So I just do one thing outside of the normal chores a day.  Clean a cupboard (not two or three), clean a drawer, wash the kitchen windows, tidy a shelf.  I just do one thing.  I could do more but I know that the times I do, I over do it and then I lack the motivation the next day to carry on again - or it interferes with other activities like homeschooling.  

The same goes for personal care - I can't sit in a beauty salon all day to do all the plucking, buffing, waxing while I sit and relax - I don't have the money and I don't have the time. I just do one thing. Today I sorted out my eyebrows, tomorrow I will most likely do my heels.  Of course I brush my teeth, brush my hair or wash my face every day but it's the extra things that take up more time that I schedule for that one thing.

I know it sounds oversimplified but who needs complicated, life is complicated enough!  And it works.  Of course everything never looks fantastic all of the time but at least I get to it and it doesn't slip through the cracks.

Try it!

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  1. Thank you for posting and being honest. I thought I was the only person who's house never looked clean all at one time.!!

    1. Absolutely not, we just all manage to make our houses look great on days that our friends visit and then end up making others feel absolutely intimidated because it looks like we are doing so well - if only we left our houses a little messier, everyone would feel better!


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