Sunday, August 19, 2012

Photo Journal of Cape Explorers

You may remember that I mentioned that one of the extra mural activities that my children participate is something called Cape Explorers, run by a fellow homeschooler.  And so the adventure has begun!  Besides painting T-shirts at our first meet - we have now ventured forth into the world of explorers and adventurers and our first visit was to Cape Union Mart where we were given the opportunity to brave the elements and try out some of the equipment used by those who would brave the elements.

Chad attempting the climbing wall

Listening as they are given the rules of engagement with all the adventure equipment

Not for the fearful i.e. mothers!

Ethan on the climbing wall again, and again and again, and again... and finally dragged off home

In the ice chamber of minus 14 degrees - freezing

Building tents - or trying to

Ruthie in the rain chamber - she loved the fact that it was pouring and she wasn't getting wet. 
All the little ones went into the rain chamber together - too precious for words.

Teacher Karen giving Chad the run down on wall climbing

And some mom's just had the chance to hang out with their kids - aren't they beautiful?

So good that all the little ones could do something together and not be left out!
The next time we meet we are headed to the Green Point Lighthouse which promises to be a thrilling and height defying adventure!  


  1. lovely Mel...kind of sad we backed out at the last minute but with exams looming again and a busy life, it didn't seem like a good idea...

  2. Wow, how cool is that! (except for the spider, yuck!) I love your confident and adventurous approach to life. Lotsalove xox
    Leonie J Tanser


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