Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Homeschooling Products I am reviewing for August

and probably September.  Those of you that read this blog, know that I am always about 5 steps behind my planned activities.  They're all in my head - but it's to get to get my head and my fingers talking to each other which is the problem, and this lazy body out of bed in the morning. Anyway enough about my sleeping patterns!

So here's what I will be reviewing this month:

This is aimed at children aged 2 to 6. Online interactive site which has about 450 lessons and 6 levels.  The site is progressive and so there are various levels which need to be completed to move onto the next level. Includes art, songs, puzzles, books, games and printables, maths and the world around us.  If you go to the homepage you will see a variety of sample lessons and if you like me, have a little one and want to give it a try - the first month is free.  Free is good!
Preschool to Grade 7.  This is a web based program activities, video lessons,reward rooms and certificates which moms and dads can print.  There are more than 10 subjects available to work through.  Most of it can be done online, though you can also print some of the pages.  This is a subscription based program. Also if you are a teacher, apparently access to this site is free.  (though not sure if this is only for Australian schools).  As a homeschooler there is a free option but it is limited to 3 activities
KONOS is about... one home schooler talking to another home schooler... sharing curriculum designed by two homeschooling moms for their own children. It’s about sharing 24 years of homeschooling experience. It’s about passing on a vision to build families that honor God. It’s about instilling Godly character in the next generation. It’s about building relationships between family members. It’s about achieving excellence in education. It’s about reading wide and deep. It’s about recognizing "God put the wiggle in children, and we should not try to take it out." It’s about hands-on activities capturing children's attention and increasing their retention. It’s about teaching a child, not a curriculum. It’s about fun and laughter and shaping memories. It’s about creating a love of learning that lasts a lifetime. (source Konos)
I have received my first file and 3 DVD's (Introducing Konos/Oikos, Konos Living and Understanding Oikos) to watch and look forward to seeing how my children respond to this Character based curriculum.  We are going to start with Obedience - ha ha yes I know if you know my children - my wonderful children - they are having to learn a little about obedience.  Our local South African Konos representatives not only sell Konos but a number of other resources which I am familiar with like Maths-U-See, LLATL (Learning Language Arts Through Literature) and lots of other parent resources.  

These should keep me fairly busy this month and I know my children are going to love the variety in our homeschooling day.


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    1. Amazing - mmmh questionable! But always up to try new things - definitely

  2. Oh wow looks like a good program! Thanks for posting about it!

  3. How funny. I am so happy with Sonlight, but I will admit to looking very closely at Konos over the last 2 months specifically in regards to the Obedience module . . . I will wait with bated breath!

    1. Brigitte, don't hold your breath for too long - my turnover time is normally a while:)) But I promise to give a very detailed response and you know that you will be able to see at Tekioo the fruit or the lack thereof:)

    2. I don't like it that ABC Mouse wants you to subscribe (with credit card) even before you start the 1st free month. Even if they tell you that you can cancel at any time without any obligation. I'm always wary of this type of thing. It is online, so security wise this is a too big of a risk for me. So different from Reading Eggs where you can decide if & when you want to subscribe. (Just thought I'd mention it.)

    3. Sorry, didn't want to reply as anonymous, but couldn't get into my google account. Yolanda Blom

    4. I agree, I didn't like it too! I am always wary of this type of thing myself. Maybe you should email them or contact them and ask whether its possible to allow you to try it without?


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