Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Out and About: Cape Town: Rococoa the Ultimate Chocolate Experience

Hot and sticky, sweet and spicy, salty or zesty. Chocolate has driven people throughout the world over the edge - brought comfort - been a symbol of love - cause for deceit - and relentless pursuit. 

We went to discover the secrets behind this obsession, to taste the rich flavours from all around the world.  And it all started here....

 Who thought you could use chocolate for face paint?  Just another reason to love chocolate ! 
 And then a passionate chocalatier took us on a journey.

We visited Venezuela and the families who help produce this awesome product!
 Took a trip into a virtual Cacao plantation where cacao grows under the shelter of banana trees
 We got some sound practical advice

Tasted hot melted chocolate and experimented with our own delicious designs

 And there was enough time just to enjoy our surroundings.

Wonderful displays of Chocolate Art - who needs oil pastels and water colours when you can have cacao?  
Chess anyone? Winner eats all!

This was such an educational, sensational experience.  My taste buds are still tingling.

Further details:
Cost:  R30 per child
Length: 2 to 3 hours (depending on how many questions you asked)
Content:  DVD, melted chocolate tasting, walk in virtual cacao forest, tasting roasted beans, time lines in production history, historical industrial methods, tasting chocolates from around the world, individual chocolate molding.
Group Size:  Aim at a group of about 15 (including parents).  The space where the children make their chocolates is quite compact and any bigger and it becomes uncomfortable.
Restaurant and Coffee shop because after all the sweetness you really want a good coffee. 
Parking involves getting a ticket, but when you go to Rococoa, get them to stamp it and then you don't pay.  So don't be afraid to park in their undercover parking.
They will be eating a fair amount of chocolate.  Prepare yourself for some busy children.
How to find them:
The Palms
The Map

How to make it part of further homeschooling activities
These can be done before or after your excursion:
*  Watch a short video on how milk chocolate is made
*  Read Curious George Goes to a Chocolate Factory with your younger children/ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and all the follow up books from there - of course you could also just get the DVD.  (so not Charlotte Mason!)
*  Make some of your own chocolate shapes at home
*  Let your children do some investigating

Happy Tasting!


  1. Thanks Mel for all the info - it looked like a lovely outing (of course - chocolate!!!) and one that we would love to go on. Thanks for all your additional info to make it a great learning experience!

    1. I know what its like when you read things like this - as mom with different aged children, we have so many questions about a venue before we go. I don't know that I answered all of them but at least a few:)

  2. so glad you included all the lovely details in your Homeschool moms seem to want to know everything...before they go somewhere...;)

  3. Thanks Mel... I admit I am one of those moms who likes to know everything, Jenni!

    Jenni you definitely whet my appetite with your blog, Mel's is the hand hold I was needing though, to get an outing together. Thanks you two!


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