Tuesday, February 7, 2012

And now he's 10!

From the time he arrived in this world - one week late, he has been the source of so much laughter.  My middle son who is an amazing child of character, strength and perseverance. His name means - "the one who perseveres".  He has the courage of a lion, and a heart of a lamb.

He ALWAYS has food on his face - he LOVES food!
Food, food, glorious food!
The sweetest deep sleeper and always the last one to wake up in the morning!
Always scratches and bruises from all the monkeying around.
My precious boy
He likes to look cool and sometimes takes it a little far:)
 This was a white shirt 2 hours before this photo
Cool dude
Look at those eyelashes! Such a handsome fellow
Always one of the boys - dirty, and full of mischief
 He ADORES his dad, much to my dismay (and envy) and I have to fight for time with him.
 He loves compassionately.  My gentle giant.

Skateboarder! Or at least trying to be one.
Our Nipper's Champ!
 This child could stay in the water until it literally froze over! 

It's been 10 memorable years and such special, precious moments.  I love to watch him grow.  He truly is a blessing to me!

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