Thursday, February 2, 2012

Saturday Memory Moments

Adopting our Precious Ruthie
We are travel, adventure and new experience junkies.  Like I said in my previous post we live for memory moments.  I am all for routine but I don't want to look back and think - What have I done?  What have I experienced?  What new thing/hobby/book did I explore?

I would love a house that looks like something out of Garden and Home/ Good Housekeeping/ Your Family (choose the relevant magazine title and stick it in there otherwise this list will go on and on as it is right now).  I love beautiful things - but what I love more are Memory Moments.  Give me tickets to a foreign land and I will happily share my bedroom (though not my bed) with my 4 children - we could live Asian style.
Having an adventure with 4 children when everyone said 2 is enough

Memory Moments in our house happen on a Saturday
Nothing especially creative about the choice of day - but during the week we do all the learning, cleaning, home activities, Nippers and training.  Sundays are filled with church, visitors and then some more church (we're especially holy on those days as we want to keep up with our appearances; - though actually at times I am surprised that they actually allow us back week after week - I am still waiting for them to ban us due to ..... something)

We ensure that everyone is available - no sleepovers or Dad working - because we want it to be a family moment.  A snapshot in our minds for the rest of our lives.  Our bucket list - a list that keeps growing every time we discover that new "thing".
 Zip Sliding was new experience for us all
 Some of our memory moments have cost us dearly ( financially, self sacrifice) but every single one of them was worth it.  Some memory moments have been a day, some have been years - but stored up as treasures in our hearts and minds - forever.
My first ever ice show

What Memory Moments are you creating today, this week, this month, this year?  Make sure you leave space to enjoy life and go on an adventure.  Life is filled with choices and mostly we choose the routine, the same things, the familiar - but we need to make space for the unexpected, the passion, the adventures and the roads never taken ..........because we never dared.

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